MIT, MilliporeSigma create Pandemic Response CoLab

By The Science Advisory Board staff writers

July 1, 2020 -- The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has launched Pandemic Response CoLab with the goal of bringing together innovators from around the globe to solve problems associated with COVID-19.

This joint project was created by the MIT Center for Collective Intelligence, the Community Biotechnology Initiative at the MIT Media Lab, and founding member MilliporeSigma. The online collaboration platform will mobilize individuals, businesses, and communities to develop actionable solutions to pandemic-related problems. Individuals and groups are invited to participate via an online platform.

MIT leadership hopes that the collective collaboration and diverse perspectives contributed to the program will lead to disruptive solutions that are urgently needed during a global pandemic. The data-driven approach brings an open-source platform that will help people work together to develop novel ideas to address COVID-19.

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