Simulations Plus debuts COVID-19 consulting program

By The Science Advisory Board staff writers

March 27, 2020 -- Medical simulation software company Simulations Plus announced that it has created a program to speed up consulting assistance to scientists working on COVID-19 research.

As part of its StrategiesPlus COVID-19 ACT program, each division of the company will provide specialized expertise to help develop safe, effective treatments. It offers the following:

  • Mechanistic GastroPlus pulmonary simulations to investigate alternative dosing modalities and optimize dosing to target lung exposure
  • Application of GastroPlus modeling and simulation data in regulatory reports to support repurposing strategies or drug product quality claims
  • Utilization of quantitative systems toxicology and pharmacology models from drug-induced liver injury modeling software to predict potential liver toxicity risk, efficacy potential for pulmonary injury-related pathophysiology, or efficacy potential for cardiac injury-related pathophysiology of drug candidate treatments for COVID-19
  • Semi-mechanistic drug and disease modeling and simulation support, including implementation of viral dynamics models for clinical and strategic decision-making and regulatory submissions
  • Comprehensive clinical pharmacology consulting for drug development and regulatory interaction

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