Twist Bioscience launches human methylome panel to detect methylation fractions

By The Science Advisory Board staff writers

June 1, 2022 -- Twist Bioscience has launched a human methylome panel designed to enable detection of methylation fractions for a variety of applications in cancer metastasis, human development, and functional genetics.

The Twist Human Methylome Panel is targeted to identify a robust, collated set of CpG sites, methylated cytosine, and guanine nucleic bases across the human genome to identify biologically relevant methylation markers. CpG sites, which often repeat to create CpG islands, turn a gene "on" or "off" and are associated with neurodegeneration, cancer, and multiple rare diseases.

The 123 megabase panel covers 84.2% of CpG island sites contained within the human genome. The panel can also be utilized as a first pass discovery tool to identify methylation biomarkers that can then be used in a variety of applications, such as more targeted liquid biopsy panels.

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