PerkinElmer introduces ultrarapid whole-genome sequencing technology

By The Science Advisory Board staff writers

May 17, 2022 -- PerkinElmer has launched a novel ultrarapid whole-genome sequencer to improve and accelerate diagnoses in intensive care settings. This ultrarapid whole-genome sequencing (urWGS) technology provided by PerkinElmer Genomics enables faster decision making for physicians, which is particularly important in critically ill patients. This sequencing technology provides results within five days to help strengthen the process of diagnosing patients quickly, reduce the need for unnecessary treatments, and enable improved outcomes for neonatal and pediatric intensive care unit patients.

The urWGS technology works through using samples of dried blood to gain phenotypic information from a patient's genome. This technology is also capable of analyzing mitochondrial genomes and non-coding regions to ensure disease-causing mutation from those areas are promptly and accurately identified. Furthermore, the PerkinElmer urWGS package includes a StepOne Comprehensive Biochemical Profile to screen for over 70 genetic disorders.

In addition to improving clinical outcomes, PerkinElmer intends to use this technology to reduce healthcare costs associated with extended hospital stays due to prolonged or incorrect diagnosis. This allows for greater resource utilization in a clinical environment, especially in an intensive care setting.

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