SQZ Biotechnologies reveals preclinical data on immune cell engineering advances

By The Science Advisory Board staff writers

February 3, 2022 -- SQZ Biotechnologies published preclinical research on the company's ability to engineer multiple immune cell types to drive major histocompatibility class I antigen presentation -- a critical advance in the ability to drive a patient's killer T cells to fight multiple diseases -- in the Journal of Immunology.

The findings comprise a body of work supporting the development of SQZ antigen-presenting cell (APC) and SQZ enhanced antigen-presenting cell cancer vaccine therapeutic programs currently in clinical development, according to a press release.

The publication follows a presentation at the European Society for Medical Oncology Immuno-Oncology congress reporting that the company's lead APC therapeutic candidate induced a radiographic, symptomatic, histologic response as a monotherapy in a late-line head and neck cancer patient.

In the article, SQZ scientists and their collaborators describe how they overcame this fundamental biological problem through the delivery of antigens directly into the cytosol of immune cells by microfluidic squeezing. (J Immunol, February 15, 2022, Vol. 208:4, pp. 929-940).

SQZ Biotechnologies is a clinical-stage biotechnology company focused on unlocking the full potential of cell therapies for patients around the world. The company has active programs in oncology, autoimmune and infectious diseases, as well as additional exploratory initiatives to support future pipeline growth.

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