Akoya Biosciences, PathAI collaborate on novel predictive biomarkers

By The Science Advisory Board staff writers

December 14, 2021 -- Akoya Biosciences is collaborating with PathAI to advance the discovery and validation of novel predictive biomarkers for immunotherapies. The collaboration will explore spatial biology and deep data mining using Phenoptic, Akoya's high-throughput spatial phenotyping platform, and PathAI's artificial intelligence (AI) tools and algorithms to identify the patients who are most likely to respond to drug therapy in clinical trials.

The collaboration will create an interface between Akoya's Advanced Biopharma Solutions service offerings and PathAI's analytical capabilities to provide a solution for biopharma partners, both companies said.

Spatial biology is an emerging scientific discipline that enables a deeper understanding of cancer immunology by analyzing the spatial architecture of tumor tissue sections and mapping the complex organization and interactions of tumor and immune cells within the tumor microenvironment. The insights gained from spatial biology streamline drug development, clinical trials, and biomarker discovery, and are currently being applied to immunotherapy research.

Financial details of the collaboration were not disclosed.

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