Amazon announces availability of HealthLake cloud repository

By Brian Casey, The Science Advisory Board contributing writer

July 16, 2021 -- Internet services giant Amazon Web Services (AWS) has announced that its HealthLake cloud-based data repository is now available for use by healthcare and life sciences organizations.

AWS debuted HealthLake in December 2020 as a service designed to help providers organize and store data from multiple clinical silos into a single "data lake." The offering is part of AWS for Health, a project that's designed to leverage the power of cloud computing to improve patient care and life sciences research.

AWS said that HealthLake enables healthcare and life sciences organizations to ingest, store, query, and analyze medical data at a large scale and using cloud technologies. AWS tools can help users understand and extract information from their data using machine learning, which the company believes will spur the growth of personalized medicine.

With HealthLake, organizations can move their health data that's formatted in the Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) standard from their on-premises systems and into a secure cloud-based data lake. HealthLake then uses machine learning to identify and tag each clinical data element. This will further enable interoperability by facilitating the exchange of information across healthcare systems, pharmaceutical companies, clinical researchers, patients, and more.

Tools that can be used to analyze the data include Amazon QuickSight, which supports analysis of patient and population-level trends, while Amazon SageMaker can help clinicians predict disease progression.

Early users for HealthLake include Rush University Medical Center, Cortica, InterSystems, and Redox.

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