SomaLogic, CM Life Sciences release protein panels for biotech research

By The Science Advisory Board staff writers

July 6, 2021 -- SomaLogic and CM Life Sciences II have released customizable protein panels for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and academic research purposes.

SomaScan panels include a menu of 7,000 proteins that can be assessed from a single 55-µL plasma or serum sample, according to SomaLogic. They are organized as disease-specific panels or customizable ones, and include the following:

  • Cardiovascular: 953 analytes
  • Inflammation and immune response: 938 analytes
  • Oncology: 863 analytes
  • Nutritional and metabolic diseases: 890 analytes

SomaLogic's SomaScan platform identifies new biomarkers and drug targets for the assessment and management of drug therapy responses, the company said. It is currently for research use only.

Ixaka, SomaLogic partner on aptamer-based, bispecific antibodies
Ixaka and SomaLogic have entered into a research collaboration to support the development of aptamer-based, bispecific therapeutics.

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