Akoya, Zeiss to comarket spatial phenotyping and discovery workflow

By The Science Advisory Board staff writers

May 17, 2021 -- Akoya Biosciences and Zeiss are comarketing Akoya's codetection by indexing (CODEX) spatial phenotyping systems with Zeiss' Axio Observer microscope.

CODEX combines single-cell biology and histology in such a way that it can be integrated onto existing microscopy platforms. The technology allows for the multiplexed detection of 40 or more biomarkers in tissue samples and reveals different cell phenotypes, how they interact, and how they organize. The technology could advance biological research for cancer, immunology, developmental biology, and neurology, the firms added.

The partnership will allow Akoya and Zeiss to enhance workflows and speed up acquisitions, they said.

In other news, Akoya also opened the application process for the Imaging Innovators Network (I2 Network), a group of researchers who are selected based on their ideas for using CODEX. Researchers can apply to participate in the I2 Network.

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