Menarini Silicon launches CellMag product line

By The Science Advisory Board staff writers

February 16, 2021 -- Menarini Silicon Biosystems has launched its CellMag product line for the manual enrichment and staining of rare circulating tumor cells.

The new CellMag CTC epithelial cell kit includes a magnetic tool and consumables, and it uses ferrofluid technology to allow for the manual study of CTC biology. The kit will allow researchers to analyze and characterize enriched CTCs from a molecular perspective with a high level of specificity, gaining valuable insights into how certain tumors progress and disseminate throughout the body, according to the company.

Following the positive selection of enriched cells, performed by capturing cells through ferrofluids labeled with antibodies, the staining procedure delivers cells that are ready for enumeration, isolation, and downstream analysis. The final step of cell sorting can be performed by Menarini's DEPArray system or other downstream applications including flow cytometry, fluorescent microscopy, or molecular and phenotype analyses.

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