Integral Molecular adds to its antibody discovery platform

By The Science Advisory Board staff writers

September 10, 2020 -- Integral Molecular has developed humanized chicken antibody technology (hCAT) and incorporated it into its MPS antibody discovery platform for multipass membrane proteins. The tech will allow for the isolation of fully humanized antibodies directly from immunized animals.

The MPS platform uses chickens as a source of antibodies to unlock difficult drug targets that are inaccessible using conventional animal hosts such as mice and rabbits. The ability to isolate antibodies directly from the animal streamlines the antibody discovery process and reduces the need for downstream engineering.

The technology was unveiled at the PEGS Protein Engineering and Cell Therapy Summit, where the company described how hCAT was utilized to discover high-affinity lead antibodies against oncology targets Claudin 6 and Claudin 18.2.

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