Berkeley Lights debuts new workflow for Opto CLD

By The Science Advisory Board staff writers

March 10, 2020 -- Berkeley Lights has introduced Opto Cell Line Development (CLD) 2.0, a new workflow designed for the Beacon optofluidic instrument.

Opto CLD 2.0 is designed to generate the best production cell lines for complex antibody therapeutics with more than 99% monoclonality assurance, according to the company. The new workflow enables measurements of antibody production across thousands of clones using the firm's SpotLight assays.

Different regions of antibody molecules are targeted, extending the range of complex antibody molecules for which top clones can be selected, according to Berkeley Lights. In addition, screens can also be directed at clones with specific phenotypes.

With Opto CLD 2.0, the top clones secreting complex antibody molecules can be selected in less than one week, Berkeley Lights said. The new workflow will be available for Beacon in June 2020.

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