Ncardia launches Cellistic for iPSC cell therapy production

April 26, 2022 -- Ncardia has announced the launch of Cellistic, a new cell therapy manufacturing business whose focus is to optimize Ncardia’s process development and production capabilities related to induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs).

The goal of Cellistic is to fill the need for cell therapy solutions in the market while also building upon Ncardia's existing expertise in iPSC differentiation and expansion.

iPSC-based cell therapies hold a unique position in the cell and gene therapy space because of their reduced cost and greater utility compared to current cell therapies treating a variety of disease states today. Despite the challenges that go into developing such novel cell therapies, Cellistic overcomes these concerns through its focus on understanding the disease state being targeted, as well as the process development knowledge to commercially implement these therapies at a large scale, according to the company.

Some additional strengths of Cellistic in the development of allogenic cell therapies include its access to various differentiation and bioreactor-based expansion protocols, large scale current good manufacturing practice manufacturing capabilities, and support for global regulatory submissions, including filing investigational new drug applications.

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