Halo Labs releases gene therapy quality analysis instrument

By Kate Madden Yee, The Science Advisory Board contributing writer

October 4, 2021 -- Halo Labs has launched Aura GT, a next-generation instrument that can correlate capsid aggregation with DNA leakage or empty and full capsids.

The Aura GT.
Aura GT definitively identifies capsid from noncapsid aggregates during gene therapy product development. Image courtesy of Halo Labs.

Aura GT uses background membrane imaging and fluorescent membrane microscopy to differentiate aggregated capsids from contaminants and carrier proteins that could harm patients, the company said. It can also identify DNA leaks in gene therapy products so researchers can pinpoint and correct the mechanism of aggregation.

This is the second product launch related to the cell and gene therapy space for Halo Labs in 2021. Earlier this year, the company released Aura CL, an instrument to measure cell therapy product quality.

Halo Labs launches Aura CL for cell therapy quality analysis
Halo Labs has launched Aura CL, a next-generation instrument to measure cell therapy product quality.
Halo Labs launches protein identification instrument
Life science instrumentation company Halo Labs has launched Aura, an aggregate and particle identification system.

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