Akoya teams up with Nikon, CrestOptics, Andor

By Erik L. Ridley, The Science Advisory Board contributing writer

June 29, 2021 -- Akoya Biosciences has formed partnerships with microscope providers Nikon, CrestOptics, and Andor to facilitate development of spatial biology applications via its Imaging Innovators (I2) Network.

Akoya said it's collaborating with the imaging companies to make its Codex multiplex tissue imaging system more broadly accessible for single-cell, multiplexed imaging. The goal is to foster an ecosystem of innovations and applications on its platform, according to the vendor.

Researchers interested in using the Codex system to develop spatial biology applications can apply on Akoya's website to join the I2 Network. The company will accept applications until July 9.

A breast cancer sample (FFPE) where 36 biomarkers were imaged from a single tissue section using the Codex system. This particular tissue is largely composed of luminal epithelial tissue (purple) with basal epithelial cells (red) and other epithelial cells in smaller proportions. The luminal versus basal subtypes can be indicative of prognosis and treatment response. Image courtesy of Akoya.
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