Lantern Pharma, Fox Chase to develop pancreatic cancer drug

By The Science Advisory Board staff writers

September 22, 2020 -- Lantern Pharma will leverage its response algorithm for drug repositioning and rescue (RADR) artificial intelligence platform in collaboration with Fox Chase Cancer Center to develop its pancreatic drug candidate, LP-184.

LP-184 is a DNA-damaging small molecule drug candidate that is currently under preclinical development for certain genomically defined solid tumors, including pancreatic cancer. The drug works as an alkylating agent that preferentially damages DNA in cancer cells that overexpress certain biomarkers, including PTGR1, linked to cancer cell proliferation.

As part of the collaboration, Fox Chase will advance the targeted use of LP-184 in molecularly defined subtypes of pancreatic cancer to create more biologically relevant and robust gene signatures for use in personalized cancer therapy clinical trials.

Through evaluation of models and biological methods, the groups will add more physiologically relevant data and insights into the mechanisms of LP-184 and develop further algorithms for how certain compounds interact with specific tumor types.

The translational research utilizing 3D organoids and patient derived xenograft models will be led by Dr. Igor Astsaturov, PhD, a researcher at the Molecular Therapeutics program at Fox Chase.

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