RNAimmune gets $2.35M for mRNA therapeutics, vaccines

By The Science Advisory Board staff writers

August 24, 2020 -- RNAimmune has secured $2.35 million in seed round financing from multiple venture capital firms to advance its COVID-19 vaccine RV1730 program and neoantigen-based cancer vaccine programs.

Since its establishment as a spinoff of Sirnaomics earlier this year, RNAimmune has deployed its in-house artificial intelligence algorithm for epitope prediction and validation (ALEPVA) for mRNA vaccine and drug design, licensed global exclusive rights for polypeptide-lipid nanoparticle (PLNP) delivery technology, and adopted a large-scale good manufacturing practice manufacturing knowhow from Sirnaomics.

The company is preparing for an investigational new drug filing for RV1730 and is working on advancing its cancer vaccine pipeline.

Sirnaomics Spinoff to develop mRNA drugs
Sirnaomics announced a spinoff establishing an independent biopharmaceutical company, RNAimmune.

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