Benchling launches digital solution for RNA therapeutic discovery, development

By The Science Advisory Board staff writers

June 22, 2021 -- Benchling has launched a digital solution for scientists to design, analyze, and develop complex RNA therapeutics in a single research and development platform.

"We developed our RNA therapeutics solution in partnership with researchers focused on RNA in order to deliver on the specific needs of this hybrid modality," said Saji Wickramasekara, CEO and co-founder of Benchling. "Benchling is committed to expanding our support for all therapeutic modalities, including antibodies, cell and gene therapies, and other emerging drug classes."

The new Benchling platform allows scientists to collaborate across biology and chemistry workflows to support their collective efforts on this hybrid modality. The technology unifies traditionally siloed tasks and phases in one cloud-based solution. Scientists can easily design chemically modified oligonucleotides, centralize experimental context and results, standardize on syntax, and collaborate with teammates more effectively on a single platform.

Benchling's Helm editor is designed for oligo-level editing with the ability to zoom in and out on specific areas for modification. Experimental data can be contextualized within Benchling's solution, making high quality data actionable throughout the oligo design process.

Furthermore, Benchling's monomer library helps researchers quickly search and customize the most common base monomers. The embedded Helm notation support standardizes complex biomolecule representation so multidisciplinary teams can all access, understand, and contribute to the molecule's ongoing development, according to the firm.

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