ReNeuron to manufacture exosomes for gene therapies

By The Science Advisory Board staff writers

June 25, 2020 -- ReNeuron signed a research evaluation agreement with a U.S. biotechnology company for the use of its proprietary exosomes for the delivery of novel gene silencing therapies.

The research will focus on ReNeuron's human neural stem cell-derived exosomes for the delivery of the biotech company's neuroscience therapeutic candidates. ReNeuron will be responsible for manufacturing the exosomes and loading them with the gene-silencing sequences, after which the biotech company will evaluate the loaded exosomes. Upon successful preclinical evaluation, the companies will jointly own the novel therapeutic candidate for future development.

ReNeuron's line of human neural stem cell-derived exosomes are produced by a fully qualified, xeno-free, scalable process, according to the firm. The exosomes can be loaded with a diverse range of therapeutic molecules such as small interfering RNA, messenger RNA, microRNA, CRISPR/Cas9, antibodies, peptides, and other small molecules.

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