Specifica transfers antibody discovery platform to Bayer

By The Science Advisory Board staff writers

May 12, 2020 -- Specifica announced the transfer of its Generation 3 antibody libraries to Bayer under an agreement that will enable the company to develop antibody-based therapeutics.

Generation 3 is a discovery platform that can be used with phage or yeast display and offers high-affinity, drug-like antibody candidates to facilitate the development of therapeutics. Antibody libraries are the source from which therapeutic lead antibodies are detected.

The transfer of Specifica's platform to Bayer was a result of in-house testing by Bayer. Each library created by Specifica is developed uniquely for its partner. Along with the platform, Specifica's technology, including vectors, comprehensive protocols, and unique library, will be involved in the full transfer of technology to Bayer.

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