Tataa Biocenter, Olink, Illumina partner on high-throughput proteomics

By The Science Advisory Board staff writers

March 14, 2022 -- Tataa Biocenter has launched Olink EXPLORE 3072, a high-throughput proteome profiling service, made possible using Illumina's sequencing technology.

Olink's technology Proximity Extension Assay works by utilizing pairs of antibodies with DNA tags that prime polymerase chain reaction when bound to the targeted protein. Using Olink EXPLORE, next-generation sequencing capabilities is used to quantify each of 3,072 protein targets, the company said.

Tataa Biocenter will use the Olink EXPLORE for proteome analysis in the European Union-funded projects: "Identifying molecular mechanisms of pain related disorders" (PAINFACT) and "Combining optoacoustic imaging phenotypes and multiomics to advance diabetes healthcare" (OPTOMICS), the company said.

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