KromaTiD launches cell culture services

By The Science Advisory Board staff writers

February 3, 2022 -- KromaTiD has launched of a suite of cell and blood culture growth, isolation, processing, and quality control services.

As part of the new services, the company will grow induced pluripotent stem cells, T cells, adherent/nonadherent cell lines, or blood samples at scale and will then qualify cells with an array of cellular assays. KromaTiD will also isolate and ship standard cell products, such as DNA, T cells, or metaphase chromosomes for downstream use.

Beyond its growing list of standard cell services, engineered cell lines, and very specific testing requirements, KromaTiD will tailor its cell service to meet specific requirements, it said.

The company also offers a suite of assays for qualifying the genomic integrity of customer cells. By combining G banding with ultra-high-resolution directional genomic hybridization (dGH) Screen and dGH In-site, the company can provide quality assurance to help ensure that critical cell lines and cell products are consistent from batch to batch and study to study.

KromaTiD provides genome engineering services through the discovery and characterization of genomic structural changes that help leading gene editing and pharmaceutical companies advance therapies to market.

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