Vizgen makes single-cell spatial genomics platform available across U.S.

By The Science Advisory Board staff writers

January 19, 2022 -- Vizgen's Merscope, a spatial genomics platform, is now broadly available across the U.S. Additionally, Vizgen released its second open-access dataset, the Merfish Mouse Liver Map, along with an interactive web-based data visualization platform.

Merscope streamlines and automates Merfish experiments, making them more accessible to a wider variety of labs, such as those led by researchers in academia, core labs, and pharmaceutical companies, Vizgen said.

The instrument is accompanied by a custom gene panel design portal, reagents and consumables, an analytical computer for integrated image processing, and interactive data visualization software. These features are designed to enable the spatial profiling of individual transcripts from hundreds of genes across hundreds of thousands of cells in a single instrument run, the company said. The Merscope platform is amenable to a large variety of sample or tissue types.

Merscope has broad applications in basic science, drug discovery, clinical pathology, and translational medicine in areas that include oncology, immunology, infectious disease, developmental biology, and regenerative medicine.

The Merscope a high-plex single-cell spatial genomics platform.
Merscope, a high-plex single-cell spatial genomics platform, is now broadly available to the U.S. market. Image courtesy of Vizgen.
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