Twist, Vivlion to generate gRNA libraries for CRISPR applications

By The Science Advisory Board staff writers

April 28, 2021 -- Twist Bioscience and Vivlion are collaborating to generate guide RNA (gRNA) libraries for CRISPR genome engineering applications and target discovery for drug development.

The collaboration will combine Twist's ability to generate uniform long oligos at scale with Vivlion's ability to translate the oligos into uniform CRISPR libraries for use in next-generation high-throughput CRISPR screenings.

Under the collaboration, Vivlion will purchase Twist oligo pools to generate and sell precision CRISPR libraries for functional genomics research. Vivlion's proprietary 3Cs technology will allow for direct conversion of oligo pools into gRNA libraries that maintain uniformity, including the generation of multiplexed and fixed-pair libraries.

Financial details of the collaboration were not disclosed.

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