Advarra expands Gene Therapy Ready network with 500+ sites

By The Science Advisory Board staff writers

June 9, 2021 -- Advarra's Gene Therapy Ready network has grown to over 500 registered research sites, making it the largest administrator of institutional biosafety committees (IBCs).

IBCs are responsible for reviewing projects that involve, but are not limited to, recombinant DNA, RNA interference, pathogens, human materials, and other potentially infectious material, as well as transgenic animals, according to guidelines from the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH).

The Gene Therapy Ready network is a collective of clinical research sites prepared to conduct trials involving genetically engineered vaccines, gene-modified cellular therapies, and gene therapies. Advarra launched the network in January 2021 with an initial 350 sites.

The research sites include health systems, research institutions, National Cancer Institute (NCI) cancer centers, and private research sites that are registered with the NIH Office of Science Policy, which is a requirement for NIH-funded gene therapy research and an industry best practice. The registration process can often take weeks, so preregistration ensures sites in the Gene Therapy Ready network are ready to start working on a clinical trial as soon as one becomes available.

Cumulatively, the over 800 team members and experts provide sites and sponsors with scale and service for gene therapy, gene modified cellular therapy, and genetically engineered vaccine research.

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