NanoCellect raises $35M for new development

By Will Morton, The Science Advisory Board contributing writer

September 16, 2021 -- NanoCellect Biomedical has raised $35 million this year in funding rounds to accelerate the company's commercial growth plans and new product development goals.

Earlier this year, NanoCellect raised $15 million in a series C round led by Vertical Venture Partners. In August, the company raised $20 million in a series D round led by Warburg Pincus.

"The past 18 months have been challenging given the ongoing pandemic, but our Wolf Pack completed the development and launch of our new Wolf G2 platform, added new international distribution partners, and nearly doubled our global installations," said Chris Neary, CEO of NanoCellect, in a news release.

NanoCellect launched Wolf systems in 2017. The company's second-generation Wolf G2 cell sorting system is used in a number of scientific applications, including single-cell genomics, antibody discovery, cell line development, genomic sample preparation, and CRISPR editing, the company said.

The Wolf G2 cell sorter from NanoCellect.
The Wolf G2 cell sorter from NanoCellect has applications in academic and biopharma laboratories involved in single-cell genomics, gene editing, cell line development, immunology, infectious diseases, and general cell enrichment. Image courtesy of NanoCellect.
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