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Applied Cells unveils GMP-ready MARS bar system

By The Science Advisory Board staff writers
February 9, 2022

Applied Cells unveiled its multiphysics automated reconfigurable separation (MARS) good manufacturing practices (GMP)-ready bar system at the Society for Lab Automation and Screening 2022 International Conference and Expo in Boston on February 7.

Applied Cells GMP-Ready MARS Bar System.
Applied Cells GMP-Ready MARS Bar System. Image courtesy of Applied Cells.

The system enables a new generation of magnetic cell isolation technology for the separation of leukopak, whole blood, and bone marrow cell products for cell and gene therapy, according to the company.

In addition, the system offers a fully enclosed bag-in-bag-out configuration that is compatible with sterile cell processing and culture. The system is capable of both positive and negative isolation of a wide range of cell types for immunotherapeutic applications.

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