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PerkinElmer highlights new workflows at SLAS 2022

By Samantha Black, PhD, ScienceBoard editor in chief
February 16, 2022

BOSTON - Following a series of acquisitions of Horizon Discovery, BioLegend, Nexcelom Bioscience, and Omni International in 2021, PerkinElmer showcased end-to-end life sciences workflows at the Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening (SLAS) 2022 International Conference and Expo.

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First, the company debuted its walk-away workflow solution for protein-protein interaction immunoassay development. This fully automated workflow features reagents placed on the company's Janus G3 Assay Development workstation, which is integrated with the Victor Nivo Multimode Microplate Reader.

PerkinElmer scientists configured its Tibco Spotfire software as a graphical user interface to interactively design plate layouts and add metadata entered by users. The workflow leverages homogeneous time-resolved fluorescence immunoassay technology, which requires no wash steps. Signals VitroVivo software is then used to analyze the data and as a recommendation engine to provide conditions for the next set of experiments.

"The reason why this conference exists is so that vendors like ourselves could come and show solutions for unique pharma problems," said Glen Molotnikov, strategy leader for biotherapeutics drug discovery at PerkinElmer, at the event.

The company also featured the Hive scRNAseq solution developed by Honeycomb Biotechnologies for single-cell isolation and analysis. The portable handheld device captures, stores, and does RNA sequencing library prep of a diverse range of cell types, according to the firm. The Hive requires no specialized instrumentation, and expands opportunities for laboratories pursuing basic, translational, preclinical, and clinical research.

"So, the Honeycomb Hive, by PerkinElmer and Honeycomb, is the smallest, and I would argue the most powerful, new product release at SLAS," commented James Atwood, general manager, applied genomics, at PerkinElmer, to ScienceBoard during a demonstration at the event.

Inside the device is a series of microfluidic wells, where cells settle and then can be sealed and captured for storage, Atwood explained. The Hive essentially creates 10,000 single partitions that can hold 10,000 separate cells. This differs dramatically from other flow-based competing technologies, Atwood noted.

PerkinElmer highlighted a number of other differentiated offerings and novel workflows at SLAS 2022, including instruments, assays and reagents, consumables, automation technologies, software, and services that span basic research, biologics, and cell and gene drug discovery and development.

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