How can the cell and gene therapy field industrialize collaboration?

By Samantha Black, PhD, ScienceBoard editor in chief
October 21, 2021

Adlai Goldberg, the global life sciences digital, social, and commercial innovation leader at Ernst & Young, led a workshop on "Unlocking the Power of Collaboration to Fuel the Industry Transformation for Cell and Gene Therapies" at the Cell & Gene Meeting on the Mesa. The team caught up with Goldberg after the session.

According to Goldberg, the cell and gene therapy industry is undergoing a convergence of science, infrastructure, and logistics that will ultimately benefit patients by improving their treatment journeys. Key to the industry's success in this endeavor is the industrialization of collaboration.

Industrialized collaboration is the cumulative sharing of information between groups involved in the development of therapies to work toward a common goal of getting those therapies to the patients who need them. Eliminating competition among common elements (i.e., infrastructure) in the development process allows organizations to focus on this mission.

"There is a lot of goodness in front of us, and if we can come together as an industry and put away our old way of doing things and move forward in an industrialized collaborative approach, it would be great," Goldberg said.

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A major theme of the workshop was how stakeholders can change the mindset from one of competition to that of co-opportunity, Goldberg explained. With teams working together, there is a real opportunity for everyone to win, particularly patients.

As part of the workshop, Goldberg asked the audience to develop six-word stories about what they think the industry can achieve if collaboration was industrialized. Below are the stories that the audience created.

Ernst & Young is helping to deliver therapies around the world with its Pointellis platform, Goldberg noted. He gave the example that a single patient going through a treatment can generate 50 or more different digital identification points. The Pointellis platform provides users with the ability to share and exchange data to create a seamless experience for patients.

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