Clovis Oncology highlights data on cancer therapies at AACR 2022

By The Science Advisory Board staff writers
April 11, 2022

Clovis Oncology is highlighting nonclinical study data for its potential cancer therapies fibroblast activation protein (FAP)-2286 and Rubraca at the American Association of Cancer Research’s 2022 (AACR) Annual Meeting held in New Orleans. Additionally, the company will present information about phase I of its upcoming Lumiere study of FAP-2286.

FAP-2286 is a peptide radionuclide therapy and imaging agent that uniquely targets FAP by biochemical and cell-based assays, according to the company. This targeting allows FAP-2286 to be used as a potential agent in cancer treatment with long tumor retention, strong tumor inhibition, and radioactive traceability.

Approximately 50 patients with advanced solid tumors will be enrolled in phase I of the FAP-2286 Lumiere trial. This phase of the study will investigate the safety of 177Lu-FAP-2286 in humans and the extent of tumor uptake of the imaging agent gallium-68. This phase will also identify the potential dosing and dose scheduling for the next phase. Phase II will include multiple tumor types and is planned to commence later in 2022.

For Rubraca, an oral small molecule inhibitor of poly (ADP-ribose) polymerase 1 (PARP1), PARP2, and PARP3, nonclinical study data showed that it had similar efficacy in non-BRCA homologous recombination repair (HRR) mutated tumors and BRCA 1/2 mutated tumors. The study specifically investigated the lethality of Rubraca in killing multiple non-BRCA HRR cancer cell types and tumors to assess its feasibility as a potential cancer treatment. Exploratory studies on other tumor types are underway for Rubraca.

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