Thermo Fisher and LabShares support biotech startups with equipment

May 20, 2022 -- Thermo Fisher Scientific and LabShares Newton have agreed to collaborate in providing resources to early-stage life science companies seeking to grow. The partners intend to equip biotech startups with the instruments, lab equipment, and inputs and consumables needed to develop novel therapies.

LabShares will continue to support the operational logistics of many biotech companies in the areas of lab space, services, and equipment. To expand upon this, Thermo Fisher is offering to furnish many of these labs with essential biological equipment, including ultra-low temperature freezers, incubators, microscopes, and PCR devices.

A major goal of this collaboration is to lower the barrier of entry for these budding life science companies, thus encouraging the introduction of new and innovative therapies into the market. This investment will reduce the costs associated with the early stages of running biotech startups to improve the chances for success of these emerging companies.

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