Amarna Therapeutics, FPS examine gene therapy platform

By The Science Advisory Board staff writers

September 25, 2020 -- Amarna Therapeutics will collaborate with scientists from Progreso y Salud Foundation (FPS) of Spain to jointly examine the efficacy of Amarna's Svec gene delivery vector to develop effective immunotherapies for type 1 diabetes (DM1) and multiple sclerosis (MS).

The efforts will study the efficacy of Amrana's SV40-based gene delivery vector platform (Svec) for downregulation of pathological immune responses underlying the destruction of host cells in DM1 and MS patients. The studies will use advanced animal models of both autoimmune diseases to evaluate Svec-mediated immune tolerance to primary self-antigens.

Armana will invest nearly $700,000 over the next two years in the research to conduct proof-of-principle studies for the two indications. The research will be conducted at the Cabimer research institute led by Benoit Gauthier, PhD, and Armana's Peter de Haan, PhD, and Miguel García Toscano, PhD.

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