Bristol Myers licenses immunotherapy from Dragonfly
August 10, 2020 -- Bristol Myers Squibb has paid $12 million to Dragonfly Therapeutics to license a fourth immunotherapy drug candidate from Dragonfly's TrinKet portfolio.
Bruker supports COVID19-NMR Consortium
August 10, 2020 -- Bruker is highlighting its support of a global project called COVID19-NMR that will investigate the structure, dynamics, function, and binding of SARS-CoV-2 viral RNA and proteins using nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy.
Novocellbio's COVID-19 cell therapy shows promising results
August 10, 2020 -- Novocellbio has confirmed that its autologous natural killer cell treatment agent is effective in killing SARS-CoV-2.
Illumina launches affordable sequencing kit for labs
August 7, 2020 -- Illumina has launched its NovaSeq 6000 v1.5 reagent kit, intended to make genome sequencing more accessible and affordable for labs of all sizes with the introduction of the "$600 genome."
Pfizer to manufacture remdesivir for Gilead
August 7, 2020 -- Pfizer has inked a multiyear agreement with Gilead Sciences to manufacture and supply Gilead's investigational antiviral drug remdesivir, joining other external manufacturing organizations in supporting efforts to scale up supply for the treatment of COVID-19.
Novavax licenses COVID-19 vaccine to Takeda in Japan
August 7, 2020 -- Novavax and Takeda Pharmaceutical have formed a partnership for the development, manufacturing, and commercialization in Japan of NVX-CoV2373, Novavax's COVID-19 vaccine candidate.
Precigen touts heart failure multigenic therapy results
August 6, 2020 -- Precigen is highlighting clinical results from a phase I trial conducted by its subsidiary Precigen Triple-Gene that show that its multigenic investigational therapeutic agent for heart failure improves patient outcomes.
Cellect secures stem cell-based therapy patent
August 6, 2020 -- Cellect Biotechnology has secured a European patent for its stem cell selection technology. The patent was also approved in Australia and Israel, according to the firm.
Amazon powers Moderna's digital biotech platform
August 6, 2020 -- Amazon Web Services is providing cloud, analytics, and machine-learning services to Moderna for its messenger RNA platform and manufacturing facility.
Elios' customized cancer vaccine shows positive results
August 5, 2020 -- Elios Therapeutics' personalized cancer vaccine shows a long-term survival benefit for patients with stage III or IV melanoma, according to final data from its clinical trial.
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