Mission Bio touts study about its Tapestri platform
Mission Bio announced that its Tapestri platform helped elucidate resistance mechanisms to lung cancer drugs. Researchers from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center detail the discovery of these resistance mechanisms in a study that was published November 10 in Nature. Read More
LevitasBio debuts sample preparation, cell enrichment product lines
LevitasBio has introduced new tissue dissociation reagent kits and target depletion assays designed to help researchers and laboratory personnel better process and characterize human, animal, and plant samples. Read More
Startups selected for Illumina's genomics incubator in China
Illumina and investment firm Sequoia Capital China have selected the first two startups to join the Sequoia Capital China Intelligent Healthcare Genomics Incubator located in Zhangjiang Cell Industrial Park, Shanghai. Read More
5 takeaways from SITC 2021
WASHINGTON, DC - The Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer's (SITC) 2021 annual meeting November 10-14 was a successful gathering of research and clinical experts focused on the development of innovative cancer treatments. The ScienceBoard team was live onsite at the event. Editor in Chief Samantha Black, PhD, shared five takeaways from the meeting. Read More
Bruker touts multiomics platform at HUPO Reconnect 2021
Bruker touted advances in collision cross section-enabled 4D proteomics workflows on the trapped ion mobility spectrometry time-of-flight (timsTOF) multiomics platform at the Human Proteome Organization World Congress, HUPO Reconnect 2021. Read More
Where is the immunotherapy field headed after COVID-19?
WASHINGTON, DC - Best known for his contributions to the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine, former Moderna chief medical officer, Dr. Tal Zaks, PhD, chaired a session on RNA vaccines at the Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer's (SITC) 2021 annual meeting. Zaks shared his perspectives and hopeful outlook with ScienceBoard at the meeting. Read More
Researchers dig into how myeloid cells contribute to killing cancer
WASHINGTON, DC - Dr. Miriam Merad, PhD, director of the Precision Immunology Institute at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai is working on characterizing myeloid cells in cancer patients. Merad spoke with ScienceBoard at the Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer's 2021 annual meeting. Read More
Thermo Fisher highlights proteomics at HUPO 2021
Thermo Fisher Scientific plans to highlight its proteomics solutions and collaboration with industry experts at the virtual Human Proteome Organization (HUPO) Reconnect 2021 meeting. Read More
NanoString releases first CosMx SMI dataset
NanoString Technologies has released the first high-plex, single-cell in situ dataset from formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissue samples generated by its CosMx Spatial Molecular Imager (SMI). Read More
Experimental drug enhances immunotherapy against pancreatic cancer in mice
A combination treatment that included an experimental small molecule drug not only led to a reduction in tumor growth in murine models of pancreatic cancer, but it also eliminated the cancer in some mice. The findings were published in the Journal for ImmunoTherapy of Cancer on November 4. Read More
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