Seer debuts new proteomic-mapping software

By The Science Advisory Board staff writers

August 3, 2022 -- Seer has launched a new Proteogenomics Workflow that integrates deep proteomics with genomics and is powered by the Proteograph Analysis Suite 2.0.

The Proteograph Product Suite can identify and quantify each protein variant that gives rise to a different profile of peptides. Current affinity-based approaches survey for a set of predefined protein targets and potentially miss variants of these predefined proteins. Seer's latest release incorporates maps proteomic, peptide-level data to genomic data to identify sample-specific variant peptides not captured in canonical reference databases.

The product summarizes results in interactive tables and plots, visualizes identified peptides' relationship to gene structure, shows protein domain information, and creates browsable peptide data maps at the amino acid level.

The rollout for the Proteograph Analysis Suite 2.0 is underway and Seer customers will have immediate access to the new workflow and features in the software.

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