SciBite unveils AI-driven search platform

By The Science Advisory Board staff writers

April 1, 2021 -- SciBite, an Elsevier company, announced the launch of SciBiteSearch, an artificial intelligence (AI)-driven scientific search and analytics platform designed to offer interrogation and analysis capabilities across unstructured and structured data from public and proprietary sources.

The tool will help researchers access information and derive meaningful insights from large volumes of data presented in multiple formats and from multiple sources.

SciBiteSearch uses knowledge graphs to augment searches and delivers items relevant to the query as well as the structure and relationship between them, according to the company. The tool is designed to integrate data across a range of use cases, such as combining public biomedical literature, clinical trials, and grants with proprietary data.

SciBiteSearch builds on the search system in DOCstore and offers an intuitive user interface, the company said.

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