Atomwise pursues 15 collaborations for COVID-19 treatments
May 22, 2020 -- Small molecule drug discovery company Atomwise has announced it is collaborating with 15 institutions to develop broad-spectrum therapies for coronaviruses, including the novel coronavirus responsible for COVID-19.
Cargill, Eagle Genomics partner on microbiome research
May 20, 2020 -- Eagle Genomics and Cargill Health Technologies have signed a multiyear platform agreement to accelerate microbiome and life sciences research and development.
Roche becomes founding partner of biotech accelerator
May 15, 2020 -- Roche has become a founding partner in the second phase of development of BaseLaunch, a Basel, Switzerland-based incubator and accelerator that helps scientists and entrepreneurs launch biotech companies.
Yumab identifies COVID-19 antibody therapy
May 13, 2020 -- German biotechnology company Yumab said it has identified a promising candidate for COVID-19 antibody therapy.
BD revenues edge up for 2nd quarter
May 7, 2020 -- Becton Dickinson (BD) saw its revenues grow slightly for the second quarter, but the company withdrew its previously issued guidance due to fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic.
Recursion launches dataset for COVID-19 drug discovery
April 27, 2020 -- Digital biology company Recursion has released an open-source RxRx19 dataset, the first human cellular morphological dataset of SARS-CoV-2, it said.
Selvita, Ardigen collaborate on HiScAI
April 27, 2020 -- Selvita and Ardigen are partnering to create the High-Content Screening Artificial Intelligence (HiScAI) platform, which is designed to accelerate drug discovery with the use of artificial intelligence.
Medable launches COVID-19 research collaboration
April 20, 2020 -- Medable has launched a research collaboration with five other organizations to develop diagnostics and treatment for COVID-19.
Loop Genomics debuts SARS-CoV-2 sequencing service
April 17, 2020 -- Loop Genomics has launched a new service for long-read sequencing of long amplicons of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.
Scripps Research expands drug repurposing efforts for COVID-19
April 16, 2020 -- Scripps Research has pivoted its drug repurposing collection ReFRAME to find antiviral compounds effective against the novel coronavirus.
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