Gennao Bio presents results for gene monoclonal antibody platform at AACR 2022

By The Science Advisory Board staff writers

April 19, 2022 -- Gennao Bio is highlighting results presented at the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) 2022 Annual Meeting on its nonviral gene monoclonal antibody (GMAB) platform in multiple solid tumor models.

Preclinical studies from Dr. Peter Glazer's lab at the Yale School of Medicine have demonstrated the ability of Gennao's GMAB platform in single or multiple intravenous doses to systemically target and deliver retinoic-acid-inducible protein 1 (RIG-I) ligand 3p-hpRNA to suppress tumor growth in solid tumors, including orthotopic mouse models of human pancreatic cancer (KPC) and medulloblastoma (DAOY).

Mechanistic studies have demonstrated that GMAB/3p-hpRNA triggers an immune-stimulating type 1 interferon response, leading to cell death. For the KPC model, the results showed long term increases in tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes, increased tumor necrosis, and a statistically significant survival benefit.

In addition, the results for the DAOY model demonstrated GMAB/3p-hpRNA's ability to penetrate the central nervous system and prevent spinal metastases.

Gennao expects to advance GMAB-7001, the humanized version of GMAB/3p-hpRNA, into investigational new drug-enabling studies in the second half of 2022. Gennao will also assess additional oncology pipeline programs for GMAB/3p-hpRNA.

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