Debiopharm, Genome & Company collaborate on antibody-drug conjugates

By The Science Advisory Board staff writers

February 25, 2021 -- Debiopharm and Genome & Company announced a plan to collaborate on developing antibody-drug conjugate oncology therapies.

The partnership is based on Genome & Company's oncology drug pipeline and Debiopharm's track record in oncology, with its colorectal cancer and prostate cancer drugs, oxaliplatin and triptorelin. Genome & Company will incorporate Debiopharm's Multilink antibody-drug conjugate technology, which enables high drug-to-antibody ratio, into its Gnocle drug discovery platform, which will enable clinicians to deliver cancer killing treatment to tumor cells.

Debiopharm also offers AbYlink, which attaches cancer-killing fragment crystallizable (Fc)-selective attachment of cargos, such as radioactive agents, or fluorophores to antibodies, it said.

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