Axon Neuroscience to research COVID-19 vaccine

By The Science Advisory Board staff writers

September 18, 2020 -- Clinical-stage biotechnology company Axon Neuroscience plans to start clinical trials of an independently developed, crowdfunded vaccine against COVID-19 called ACvac1.

ACvac1 produced extensive antibodies in vaccinated mice, effectively blocking the live SARS-CoV-2 virus from replicating and confirming the efficacy of Axon's approach. The vaccine contains only elements of the virus spike protein capable of inducing desirable immune responses, which prevents the coronavirus from interacting with its target host cells.

Axon Neuroscience lab technician. Image courtesy of Axon Neuroscience.

Since Axon uses a peptide-based approach, the vaccine is designed to prevent serious side effects that may be found in trials of novel nucleic acid or conventional vaccine candidates, the firm said.

Axon is allowing individuals and small investors to contribute money to the vaccine directly via the firm's website due to encouraging mouse trials.

Axon plans to begin first-in-human trials as early as the fourth quarter of 2020.

Axon's COVID-19 vaccine shows promise for elderly population
Clinical-stage biotechnology company Axon Neuroscience has touted results from a preclinical trial for its COVID-19 vaccine candidate.

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