Joint venture targets cell and gene therapy

January 21, 2020 -- A new joint venture dedicated to supporting researchers and biopharmaceutical companies in cell and gene therapy was announced on January 21. The joint venture is owned equally by three partners: Bio-Techne, Fresenius Kabi, and Wilson Wolf.

The focus of the as-yet-unnamed joint venture will be on providing scalable manufacturing technologies and processes to aid in the commercialization of new cell and gene therapies. Each partner will contribute products and expertise in an effort to consolidate techniques and competencies that will advance manufacturing efficiency.

Each company has been working independently for years in the cell and gene therapy space, but see synergies by combining their efforts into a single manufacturing platform:

  • Wilson Wolf's patented G-Rex, an immune cell production platform
  • Bio-Techne's broad range of proteins, reagents, and media products as well as synthetic biology technologies
  • Fresenius Kabi's Lovo automated cell processing systems

The venture was designed to be on the cutting edge of leading manufacturing technologies as cell and gene therapies continue to make groundbreaking improvements in healthcare, according to the companies. Because of the personalized nature of cell and gene therapies, better manufacturing solutions are critically needed. With the development of improved technology and scalable products, this venture is poised to help cell and gene therapies reach their full potential.

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