AbbVie, Biogen, Pfizer release protein-coding genetic variants resource

By The Science Advisory Board staff writers

July 9, 2021 -- A collaboration between AbbVie, Biogen, and Pfizer has created and recently launched a browsable resource that links rare protein-coding genetic variants to human health and disease.

The browser gives access to results from analyses of whole-exome sequencing data from 300,000 UK Biobank research participants and is managed by the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard.

The companies engaged with the Broad Institute for data processing and to conduct single variant and gene-based association testing with nearly 4,000 UK Biobank phenotypes. They wanted to identify associations between distinct genes or genetic variants and disease.

Through the browser, scientists can explore and use the data for their respective areas of interest in accordance with UK Biobank's terms of use.

The whole-exome sequencing data have been generated as part of the UK Biobank Exome Sequencing Consortium, formed in 2018, supporting a trend across the industry to collaborate in a precompetitive manner for generating the source data for an improved understanding of human biology and disease.

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