SeqWell launches single-cell RNA sequencing kit

By The Science Advisory Board staff writers

February 5, 2021 -- SeqWell has debuted its plexWell Single Cell Rapid Kit, which simplifies and accelerates the preparation of next-generation sequencing libraries for single-cell RNA sequencing.

The kit is the first in a series of products in the single-cell analysis area and has a library prep solution, improvements to the Smart-seq2 method that combine complementary DNA (cDNA) synthesis and amplification, plus reduces the quality control and normalization burden by 75%.

SeqWell's kit can produce sequencing-ready, full-length transcriptome libraries from hundreds to thousands of sorted cells at a time. Features of plexWell technology, such as iterative barcoding and auto-normalization, create library pools without the need for further sampling or library normalization, the firm said.

Also, the plexWell Single Cell Rapid Kit allows for low cDNA inputs to maintain library complexity, improve detection of low-abundance targets, and preserve variant and isoform information, SeqWell added.

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