Volastra nabs $44M to advance metastasis-targeted drug discovery

By The Science Advisory Board staff writers

April 6, 2021 -- Volastra Therapeutics has raised $44 million to further build-out its technology platform, which exploits insights into chromosomal instability to identify and validate novel drug targets to block cancer metastasis.

The company is developing proprietary computational and experimental approaches to understand chromosomal instability biology and drive drug discovery. Among the company's tools is a proprietary technology suite to bulk-measure and exploit vulnerabilities in chromosomally unstable cancer cells. Volastra is focused on developing novel compounds to block metastasis with this technology.

This announcement followed the company's partnership with Dewpoint Therapeutics to discover novel molecules capable of blocking immuno-suppressive signaling in chromosomal instability (CIN)-high tumors. Volastra is also collaborating with Microsoft to develop artificial intelligence algorithms to detect and predict metastatic potential in human tissue samples.

New investors Vida Ventures and Catalio Capital Management joined the seed financing extension.

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