RevImmune initiates phase II study for COVID-19 immunotherapy

By The Science Advisory Board staff writers

June 29, 2020 -- RevImmune has launched a phase II clinical trial of CYT107 immune therapy for treatment of COVID-19 and is preparing to expand to the U.S.

The CYT107 therapy is designed to substantially increase the number of immune T cells to correct for a state of immune exhaustion caused by COVID-19. CYT107 is a form of interleukin-7 (IL-7), a master growth factor for T cells.

The ongoing IL-7 to Improve Clinical Outcomes in Lymphopenic Patients with COVID-19 Infection (ILIAD) phase II clinical trial was selected by the U.K. National Health System for designation as an "urgent public health national priority." As such, the trial opened in the U.K. in mid-May and is currently enrolling patients at 10 sites across the U.K. The trial opened in France and Belgium in early June, and now preparations for the trial in the U.S. are underway.

CYT107 has been administered to over 440 patients in clinical trials and positively restores immune levels during treatment, which includes two administrations per week for two to four weeks. The lasting effect of CYT107 may maintain the increase in immune cells over time and plays an important role in preventing late infections causing relapse and hospital readmission, according to the company.

The therapy has also been given as a treatment to 12 COVID-19 patients on a compassionate use basis. The data from these cases was used to support the clinical trial design and are currently being reviewed for peer-reviewed publication.

RevImmune suggests that the therapy can be easily combined with other antiviral treatments such as remdesivir or anti-inflammatory treatments.

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