Earlham Institute deploys new HiFi platform

By The Science Advisory Board staff writers

November 29, 2021 -- The Earlham Institute in Norwich, U.K., has implemented a twin set of Pacific Biosciences' Sequel IIe platform to increase its support for the Earth BioGenome projects.

The new platform produces high-fidelity long reads (HiFi) to resolve genomes and transcriptomes and will double the institution's genome sequence capacity, the institute said. The sequencers will support several national and international initiatives, with the Earlham Institute as a core research partner. The initiatives include the Vertebrate Genomes Project, the Darwin Tree of Life Project, and the European Reference Genome Atlas. These projects will deliver key sequencing data and analyses for a wide range of organisms to catalog the biodiversity of single-cell eukaryotes (protists).

Sequel IIe platforms at the Earlham Institute.
Sequel IIe platforms at the Earlham Institute. Image courtesy of Earlham Institute
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