Phase Genomics introduces method to discover new viruses

By The Science Advisory Board staff writers

June 16, 2021 -- Phase Genomics has released its new ProxiMeta metagenome deconvolution platform to help researchers identify new phages and their bacterial targets in complex environments.

The computational method leverages Phase Genomics' proprietary proximity-ligation technology based on high-throughput chromosome conformation capture. The method can capture physical genetic linkages inside bacterial cells and identifies DNA sequences that reside within the same organism, specifically in the context of the microbiome.

The technology allows for the discovery and reconstruction of new viral and bacterial genomes, according to the firm. The technology can also measure the host range of newly discovered viruses.

The new platform will aid phage therapy development and infectious disease research. The method and several datasets demonstrating the platform's capabilities were recently published on bioRxiv.

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