Dovetail launches 2 new Hi-C-targeted enrichment panels

By The Science Advisory Board staff writers

June 16, 2021 -- Dovetail Genomics has launched its new line of capture Hi-C technology including two targeted enrichment panels, the Dovetail Human Pan Promoter Enrichment Kit and the Dovetail Mouse Pan Promoter Enrichment Kit, enabling the interrogation of chromatin topology of over 80,000 coding and noncoding gene promoters.

The new kits incorporate Twist Bioscience's proprietary targeted enrichment technology and is matched to Dovetail's Micro-C and Omni-C assays, which utilize sequence-dependent nucleases for improved coverage compared to other enzyme-based Hi-C methodologies.

The new products reduce sequencing burden by 90%, enabling interactions between promoters and regulatory elements to be studied at a lower cost. The targeted approach also increases the sensitivity and resolution of the assay, according to Dovetail.

Dovetail noted that the technology could lead to larger translational studies and the potential for chromatin topology-based biomarker discovery.

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