Veranome, Portal to develop omics workflow in clinical samples

By The Science Advisory Board staff writers

June 10, 2021 -- Veranome Biosystems and Portal Bioscience have entered into a codevelopment agreement to develop products that overcome analytical challenges posed by varying RNA degradation levels found in clinical specimens.

The partnership will combine Portal's probe-specific, ligation-based biochemistry workflow called Proxal chemistry and Veranome's proprietary high-definition imaging instrument and analytics to spatially resolve shorter RNA molecules with the ability to track subtle sequence differences due to splicing or mutation.

In spatial transcriptomics, current assays trade off transcriptome coverage, sensitivity, specificity, and sample throughput. The new collaboration will bring together two complementary workflows that overcome such trade-offs, according to the firms.

Veranome unveils complete spatial omics workflow
Veranome Biosystems has unveiled its complete sample-to-insight high-plex spatial omics workflow enabled by the company's Pisces technology.

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