Standards nonprofit launches online portal

By The Science Advisory Board staff writers

March 19, 2021 -- The Standards Coordinating Body has launched an online portal to provide access to published standards and to those in development.

The portal allows users to search standards by sectors, functional areas, standards development organizations, keywords, and more. They can view summaries of new and updated content, as well as purchase or view published standards.

Standards information comes from technical reports published by the SCB and include the following:

  • The "Regenerative Medicine Standards Landscape" report, which provides an overview of more than 250 existing and in-development standards
  • "Community Perspectives: Needed Standards in Regenerative Medicine" report, which outlines the standards that community members identified as having a benefit in the field

The portal also provides stakeholders with the opportunity to participate in standards development by commenting and offering feedback. For instance, there are open ballots and calls to action for ongoing standards advancement projects.

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